Bee Bombs (Natural Fire Starters)

  • $18.00

Bee Bombs - Natural Fire Starters - (Pack of 20)

Light a fire while being zero-waste, eco-conscious and chemical-free.
Great for taking on your adventures, camping or hiking trips. Lighting the fireplace at home while you cozy up with a cuppa.
Pack into your emergency survival kit.
Water resistant with a burn time of approx 15 minutes per bomb you only need one to get the fire going. Longer than many traditional fire starters. 
Pull a bee bomb apart and use the lengths as natural garden ties to twist around your tomato plants, beans or peas on a trellis. 
Made from the discarded offcuts of our bees wraps so nothing goes to waste! 
Natural - Completely natural made with cotton, bees wax, tree resin, and coconut oil. No harmful chemicals or vapours.
Bought to you by Primrose Bees Wrap