Your Personal Shopper!

We all know its hard to get out at the moment, and there is nothing like selecting the produce that you actually like!!!


We want to give you the feeling of being back at the Farmers Markets, whilst being in the comfort of your own home!!! Via Zoom, you can decide what you want, how many and what colour! It is completely customized! Select the best of the best!!!


How it works!!!

  1. You book a time slot, booking times will fill up fast so book in advance. 
  2. Download the Zoom App, prior to your booking time!
  3. A personal shopper will chat to you, you will be then shown the produce and you can select the item you require.
  4. Once you have completed your order, and the call has concluded, you have 10mins from the time the invoice is sent to make payment and confirm the order, otherwise your order is considered void.
  5. Book the order space closest on your delivery day. The recommended days for areas are as follows, please check with this regularly as they are subject to change
  • Tuesday - Auckland Central/North Shore/Mangawhai
  • Wednesday - Auckland South/ Auckland East/ Auckland West/ Hibiscus Coast
  • Thursday - Whangarei/Waipu/Bream Bay/Rodney/Mangawhai