Christmas/New Years delivery Dates

Due to the holidays we have changed our delivery dates for the period 21/12/20 to the 11/01/21 Please find your area below for the dates 


Subscription customers

Your subscriptions will automatically be skipped if we are not delivering to your area during this period.

If your area is receiving deliveries your card will automatically be charged as per usual, it is the customers responsibility to maintain their subscription and skip/modify as required. 


One off ordering customers

Your order will be delivered on the next delivery date as per above after your order is placed. 




  • Mangawhai, Kaiwaka - 24th Dec, 31st Dec, 8th Jan (resuming Fridays thereafter) 


  • Whanagrei, Ruakaka, Waipu, Langs etc - 22nd Dec, 13th Jan (resuming Wednesdays thereafter) 


  • North Shore, Central + East Auckland - 22nd Dec, 13th Jan (resuming Wednesdays thereafter) 


  • Whanagparoa, West Auckland - 23rd Dec, 14th Jan (resuming Thursdays thereafter) - if not enough for a full run West Auckland will be moved to the 22nd and 13th with North Shore and East Auckland. 


    • Matakana, Warkworth, Leigh etc - 23rd Dec, 29th, 5th, 14th Jan (resuming Thursdays thereafter)