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Blue Echeveria

Blue Echeveria

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What Are Echeverias?

The echeveria (Echeveria spp.) is a slow-growing, drought-tolerant succulent that rarely grows larger than one foot in height or diameter. A member of the Crassulaceae family, echeverias are native to Central America, Mexico, and northwestern South America, and they thrive in full sun and desert conditions.


Ensure that your plant receives full sun. Like many succulents, echeverias require a large amount of sunlight to properly develop. Place your plant in an area that receives approximately six hours of direct light per day.


The shape of your echeveria is a good indicator as to whether or not it is receiving appropriate sunlight, as it will elongate or stretch toward the closest light source if sunlight is inadequate.


Consider moving your echeveria outdoors during the warmer summer months.


Avoid overwatering your echeveria. Echeverias are highly sensitive to overwatering, which can cause root rot and attract mealybugs. When watering, thoroughly soak the soil, then allow it to dry completely before watering again.


Make sure your plant’s environment is the appropriate temperature. Echeverias thrive in desert-like conditions and are intolerant of cold temperatures. The plants should be grown in a dry space, as too much humidity can lead to root rot and cause them to perish. Generally, the average household temperature is appropriate for echeveria plants.